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Real Success Stories!

Jess McReynolds

“I gotta tell you, I was amazed at how easy and how fast I learned in those first eight weeks. I learned how to play with both hands, I learned how to play chords, I learned how to read music. Since then I’ve continued the program and I’ve just got better and better.”

Diane Barron

“With 88 Play Piano, you are playing from Day 1. You are playing with two hands, you are playing songs, you are playing music.”

John Palumbo

“I was able to play my mother’s favorite piece that I learned especially for her at our Christmas party, and she was in tears. It was just awesome to be able to do that.”

Meegan Turnbeaugh

“If I can play the Piano, you can play the piano. Dwayne and Cathy are funny, they’re smart, they have so much knowledge and they make piano playing so easy.”